1.1 Be respectful

You must respect all users, regardless of your liking towards them. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Keep all of your trash talk in the trash-talk channel. Do not inflict any form of misconduct such as attempts at dictatorship or blackmail. Stay away from language that is harmful, unlawful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, homophobic, racist, sexually explicit, or ethnically offensive. Encouragement of self harm will also not be tolerated. Yes, this is PVP, and yes ARK gets toxic at times, but if situations get out of hand and start discouraging people from playing on the cluster, the situation will be reviewed and dealt with accordingly. Keep your trash talk in the proper channels and game-oriented.


1.2 Absolutely no racism, sexism, or any hate speech

Any racism, sexism, or slurs/hate speech will not be tolerated and will be met with an immediate ban. And if you have any doubt, just don't. Edgy/evasive racism will be treated the same.


1.3 No spamming

Don't send a lot of small messages right after each other. Do not disrupt chat by spamming.


1.4 No pornographic/adult/other NSFW material

This is a community server and not meant to share this kind of material.


1.5 No advertisements

We do not tolerate any kind of advertisements, whether it be for other communities or streams. You can post your content in the self-promote as long as it is relevant.


1.6 No staff disrespect/accusations

The staff work very hard to bring you the best server and gaming experience. All staff members are selected VERY carefully, and will stay abuse and prejudice free, and will always be completely impartial. 


1.7 Direct & Indirect Threats

Threats to other users of DDoS, Death, DoX, abuse, and other malicious threats are absolutely prohibited.


1.8 English Only in Public

When speaking in public channels/global chats, please keep the conversation to English only.


1.9 No Accusations

No accusations of cheating, hacking, or any rule breaking on any public forum such as global chat or public discord chats. If you believe someone is breaking rules, cheating, or hacking, submit-ticket with DEFINITIVE VIDEO PROOF.

2.1 No offensive names and profile pictures

You will be asked to change your name or picture if the staff deems them inappropriate.


2.2 Follow the Discord Community Guidelines

You can find them here:



3.1 Follow the ark Code of Conduct (small tribes rules apply)


3.2 No hacking, scripting, macroing, cheating, duping, 3rd party programs, or exploiting of any kind

Two exceptions are: auto clicker, and 3rd party cross hairs. Do not exploit any bugs, if you find a bug report it to the admin team immediately.


3.3 Always use english letters or numbers for character, tribe, and dino names

The plug-in will enforce this rule in most situations, but do not attempt to find ways around it. Do not use any symbols not found in the English alphabet. Some names that are prohibited include: Human, Survivor, Admin, GM, Player, 123, 321, OneTwoThree, □□□ or anything similar.


3.4 No Insiding

Insiding is strictly forbidden. Be thoughtful when choosing a tribe leader as you may not leave a tribe and take items without tribe leader's consent. You may not disable defences to allow entry/raid opportunity to another tribe. You may not cause destruction or harm from within the tribe. Tribe leader has full control of tribe.


3.5 No Popcorning/Despawning

Do not popcorn/despawn/destroy/demolish during raid, especially when facing imminent base destruction. Preventing tribes from any deserved loot is forbidden.


3.6 No Teaming
Tribes are not allowed to team in any PVP scenario on the same map. This includes but is not limited to; joint raids, simultaneously defending a tribe from another tribe's attacks, coordinated attacks, leaving a tribe to help another tribe, and more. Trading or public teleporting is also prohibited during raid scenarios. ALL parties involved will be punished. When two tribes attack the same tribe on different bases/maps, first time will be seen as a coincidence, but the next time will considered teaming and the secondary tribe will be punished.


3.7 Open World Third Party Rule

You are allowed to third party open world as long as you are actively fighting against ALL involved tribes evenly. If you are reported and the tribe log paints a clear picture of teaming, punishment may occur.


3.8 Raid Third Party Rule

You are allowed to counter a raid fob with the intent to take over the raid. If you are third partying a fob, you must take over the raid after the fob is successfully wiped and continue the raid on the defending tribe. Teaming rules apply - 1st counter will be seen as coincidence, any further counters to protect the defending tribe will be considered teaming

3.9 PVE Teaming Rule

PVE is considered Boss fights, missions, reaper impregnating, and PVE teaming IS allowed. If you are actively PVE teaming with other tribes and a 3rd party occurs, you are allowed to team and defend yourselves together.


3.10 No Dino Stacking

You are not allowed to stack multiple dinos within their own hitbox or small area. If there is any doubt or question, spread your dinos out so there's no doubt or confusion.


3.11 No C4 capping

Do not place excessive quantities of C4 to prevent enemy C4 from being placed. Place yours, and blow it in timely manner.


3.12 Tribe names and tribe leaders must be the same on every map

We have a plug-in that forces the same tribe name and leader across all maps, but in case this is bypassed accidentally, please submit a ticket and let us know.


3.13 No account sharing, family sharing, or multiple characters


3.14 No real money trading for in-game items or services


3.15 Caging/Prisoner rules

In raid scenario - 1 hour limit starting when player goes unconscious, out of raid - 30 minute limit starting when player goes unconscious


3.16 No scamming

There will be no trade mediation, so trade at your own risk. However, scamming is still against server rules, so it is recommended you record all your trades to protect yourself from scamming. Submit a ticket, and the admins will punish the scammer, however we cannot promise to return any lost items to you.


3.17 No ORP on FOBs

You are not allowed to put ORPs on any fobs. ORPs can only be placed on main bases.

3.18 NPP/Raid Protection Rules
You MAY NOT grief players who have New Player Protection active. Griefing consists of but is not limited to; using building tricks to mess with new players, sniping new players outside of their base, killing new players' tames at their base, not allowing new players to come outside of their base, placing turrets by their base, etc. Open world is always fair game.
NOTE: Players under NPP, it is YOUR responsibility to let the griefers know you have NPP and ask them to leave. If it happens to you, please submit a ticket with proof (recording/screenshots).
- For NPP/RP ORP MUST be placed to activate.
- NPP/Raid Protected players MAY NOT tame titans and keep them inside ORP.
- NPP/Raid Protected players MAY NOT attempt to raid/pvp at other's bases. it is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

3.19 Player/Tribe Rules
Each tribe may only have 7 players.

Each player may only belong to 1 tribe across all the maps.

3.20 No Impersonating
No impersonating Admins, Staff team, other players, other tribes, or raid protected tribes. You cannot have a name too similar to any player or tribe, and you may not name yourself anything similar to [Raid Protected]. 

3.21 No Disallowed Dinos on Aberration
Any tribe caught using dinos on aberration that are usually disallowed on ab will be punished with a full map dino wipe without warning. It is a very rare bug that will immediately be punished if abused. If you see any non-aberration dinos, please report them immediately.

3.22 Merged Tribe Break-Up Rules
When a tribe decides to break up, the tribe leader must ALWAYS give the previously merged tribe enough time to take ALL of their previously owned dinos, items, and structures. If there is ANY confusion or mediation is needed when merged tribes decide to split, please contact an admin. If a leader simply kicks all the merged players without giving the players the fair time or deserved loot, it MAY be considered scamming.

3.23 No Mesh Biting or Hitting
No biting through mesh with dinos, or hitting through mesh with meks or titans.
*Exception: Gen 2 campfire crouch rat hole.

3.24 No Taxing
You are not allowed to tax players for any reason. This is not your small tribes map, this is a community server with only a few maps. Anyone can build anywhere they desire as long as they abide by the rules.

3.25 No Vault Spamming during PVP
You may not exploit the no-collision setting and spam vaults in choke points. You may place vaults NEXT to one another but MAY NOT stack them inside of one another during raid scenarios. All vaults must always be clearly visible and not inside of other vaults.

3.26 No Ban Evading
No ban evading of any kind. This includes and is not limited to replacing banned players in your tribe roster and using methods to play on other accounts while yours is banned.



4.1 Three Limited Spots/Ratholes Per Tribe
Limited spot list can be found below. Any rat hole or base location that cannot fit a stego is considered a limited location. Alpha of the cluster is the only exception to this rule, and is allowed to have 4 limited locations. Upon raiding a limited location, you are allowed to attempt to sell the spot for the next 48 hours. After 48 hours, you have to pick up your fob and all structures around the Limited Spot.


4.2 No meshing/mesh building

You are not allowed to have any structures inside of the mesh or in any areas where building isn't intended. A part of the structure must ALWAYS be visible. You are not allowed to enter unintended game world areas via any mesh method.
*Any turrets that are placed on terrain, that cannot be damaged will also be considered a mesh structure, and will be removed by admins if found and reported. It is your responsibility to make sure every turret you place can be damaged.


4.3 No building in spawn points, nests, wyvern scars, mission zones, or banned locations

You may find the list of banned locations below. Do not build at any spawns, dino egg nests, mission zones, gen 2 mission areas or banned locations FOR ANY REASON AT ANY TIME. Any structures found on these points will be removed without warning and may lead to harsher punishment.
Note: Building at gen 2 terminals OR mission zones, OR any banned locations is strictly prohibited.
Note: Base location spawns (such as central cave) are allowed to be built.
Note: MODDED/Limited base locations are also always allowed to be built.


4.4 No blocking characters or dinos with structures

You cannot place structures on top of you, another player, or a dino, making the model completely concealed, immobilized, or invulnerable. You may still use gates to gate in dinos.


4.5 No illegal racers, quetzals, or other illegally built platform dinos or skiffs

You may not completely conceal your dino with platform structures to stop them from getting shot by turrets from more than 2 sides. Hatchframe dinos are still allowed.


4.6 No Team Building

You may not build bases close enough to other tribes where you provide mutual defenses to one another. An example would be building in the same cave, or having both tribes' turrets covering the others.


4.7 Rat Hole Rules

No building in locations where a player is required to KO, use a chair, use a dino, use a zipline, or anything along those lines to enter. Simply put, if you can't walk or swim into a spot, don't build there. If there is any doubt about a spot, please submit a ticket and ask before building.

4.8 Spam Rules
IMPORTANT: Spam range can be clearly seen by using the Range Finder structure found in your engrams. Simply place it at your cave/base entrance and it will show you how far your spam should extend.
- ALL SPAM is limited to render distance (50 foundations) away from cave entrance or main base.
- Spam is limited to 2 snapped structures. You may not have snapped spam.
- You may place turret towers or TPs WITHOUT SPAM outside of render distance.

4.9 NO ORP/Claiming Spots Without Full Base
You are not allowed to ORP or Claim a base location unless you are actively using it as YOUR OWN base.
You are not allowed to ORP a location after a raid unless you are building it as your own base.
You are not allowed to ORP/Claim a base location to sell it.
You cannot simply gate/turret off a location and put ORP down. Holding a spot without an active base will result in the location being dev wiped without warning.
ORPs are designed to protect YOUR ACTIVE BASE, not claim spots so you can think about what you will do with them later. DO NOT abuse this structure, and do not claim spots you are not actively using.

4.10 You may only have 1 limited OR modded location per map
You may find a list of all alpha/limited and modded locations below. Each tribe is limited to ONE limited/modded spot per map.

4.11 Floating Turrets Rule
The only floating turrets allowed are the ones in the middle of hatchframes. All other versions of floating turrets (such as turrets on trap doors) are NOT allowed.

4.12. No Exploiting Foundation Support
You may not use the world borders for placing foundations for support from the top of the ceiling, or any other methods of exploiting to get foundation support. Foundation support must come from the ground or cliff platforms.

4.13 No Turret Capping with Crop Plots or Plants
You may only use Auto, Heavy, and Tek turrets to turret cap opponents during raids. 


Punishments are described below to be transparent, fair, clear, objective, and impartial for both staff and members. Keep in mind, that repeat punishments for the same offense can and will increase the punishment for that act on the next offense. Example: If you get warned more than once about spamming, the next time you will get timed out. If you get timed out multiple times for spamming, you will then be banned for 24-48 hours, and so on. Escalating repeat offenses will be dealt with as per admin discretion.

*ORP bans will be made public, and it will be open season on your bases.


Minor - Warning 

1.1, 1.3, 1.8, 3.3, 3.18, 3.21, 4.8


Moderate - Mute/Time Out/6-12 hour ban/orp removal/structure or dino removal

1.2, 1.6, 1.9, 2.1, 2.2, 3.11, 3.12, 3.15, 3.24, 4.4, 4.9, 4.10, 4.11, 4.12, 4.13


Serious - 24-72 hour timeout/ban/public map orp ban

1.4, 1.7, 3.10, 3.17, 3.24, 3.25, 3.26, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7


Severe - 7-14 day timeout/ban/public cluster orp ban

1.5, 3.4, 3.5, 3.13, 3.16, 3.20


Critical - Map Wipe/Cluster Wipe/Permanent Ban



Per Admin Discretion - if you break any of these rules, the punishment is completely up to the staff. Punishments range all the way from a warning to a permanent ban depending on the offense. 3.1, 3.2, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.19, 3.24, 3.26, 4.1, 4.2


LIMITED BASE LOCATIONS (AKA Alpha Base Locations, limited to 3 per tribe)

IMPORTANT: Any location that cannot fit a stego through the entrance is considered a limited/alpha location.

The Island
- Easy Underwater (53.5, 10.3)
- Hard Underwater (45.9, 89.4)
- Ice Cave (29.4, 32)
- Carno Cave (14.7, 85.4)
- Pack Cave (68.2, 56.1 Modded)
- Hunter Cave ( 80.2, 53.5 Modded)
- Herbivore Island Cave (83.4, 84.3 Modded)
- Lava Cave (70.6, 86.1 Modded)

The Center
- North Ice Cave (18.7, 29.6 Modded)
- South Ice Cave (59.8, 22.3 Modded)
- Pearl Cave (15.7, 50.4 Modded)
- Lava Cave (16.1, 62.2 Modded)
- Redwoods Cave (93.9, 68.7 Modded)
- Crouch Bear Cave (26.1, 64.7 Modded)
- Double Bear Cave (top 33.5 52.3, bottom 33.3, 49.8 Modded)
- Crouch (River) Underworld Cave (33.4, 62.6 Modded) 
- Pack/Monkey (Underwater) Cave (66.4, 52.9 Modded)
- Spider Cave (51.5, 57.2 Modded)
- Underwater Rat Hole (0, 30) 
- Crystal Cave (53.6, 53.8 Modded)
- Floating Island Cave (3.9, 35.1 Modded)
- Batman Cave (64.9, 67.8 Modded)

Scorched Earth
- Central Cave
- Church Cave (77.9, 75.6 Modded)
- Blue Ob Cave (28.4, 29.4 Modded)

- Red Ob Cave (74.7, 33.2 Modded)
- Blue Ob Plateau Cave (23.6, 21.5 Modded)
- Dahkeya Cave (69.1, 48 Modded)
- Wyvern Cave (52.2, 24.0 Modded)
- Red Ob Mountain Cave (67.3, 33.1 Modded)
- Ptah's Anvil (48.4, 71.9 Modded)
- Desert Temple Cave (18.5, 46.4 Modded)
- High Desert Cave (23.4, 45.2 Modded)
- Alpha Pillar (54.2, 53.7 Modded)

- Mushroom Cave (10.4, 23.7 Modded)
- Highlands Cave (18.3, 78.8 Modded)
- Lava Cave (19.5, 65.3 Modded)
- Triple Waterfall Cave (27.5, 47.9 Modded)
- Hidana (Green Ob) Cave (46.3, 34.5 Modded)
- Viking Bay Cave (22.7, 30.5 Modded)
- Pirate Cave (20.3, 23.9 Modded)
- Snail Cave (49.6, 29.2 Modded)

- Mosa Cave (12.9, 25.1)
- Lighthouse Spires Cave (22.9, 86.4 Modded)
- Filfer Plateaus (Crystal) Cave (85.8, 51.1 Modded)

- Shadow Cave (55.1, 65.9)
- Glowtail Cave (48.2, 27.3)
- Alpha Tree (36, 35.2)
- Red Surface Entrance (79.1, 27.9)
- Rad Ceiling (75.4, 28.4)
- Edge Cave (51, 58.2 Modded)
- Ravager Cave (45.2, 62.7 Modded)
- Bloodstalker Cave (80.9, 46.4 Modded)
- Tree Cave (41.7, 45.8 Modded)
- Blue Zone Cave (54.3, 77.7 Modded)
- Tree House (32.4, 54.9 Modded)


- Alpha Tree (27, 2 Ceiling)

- Skylight (31.6, 8.8 Ceiling)

- Red Light Plat (4, 38.4)

- King Titan Plat (-5, 45.5)

- Sunken Ramp (31.8, 19.8 Modded)

- Wasteland Cave (22.6, 42.3 Modded)

- Sunken Forest Entrace Rathole (20.8, 17.8 Modded)

- Implant Cave (36.7, 15.5 Modded)

- East Wasteland Tunnel (46.4, 81.9 Modded)

- West Wasteland Structure (63.2, 17 Modded)

- Sanctuary East Greenhouse (47.1, 56.4 Modded)

- Ceiling Spot (19.6, 1)

- Oil Cave (49, 19.7)
- Spider Cave (73.1, 40.7)
- Triple Waterfall Cave (33.1, 09.0 Modded)
- Castle Cave (39, 89.3 Modded)
- Skylight (26.3, 92.6)
- ALL Aberration Zone Trees

- Big Lunar Cave (26.3,36.1)
- Triple Lunar Cave (21.6, 25.9, Modded)
- Double Lunar Cave (35.7, 23.9, Modded)
- Single Lunar Cave (52.4,13.2)
- Under Lunar (25.5,11.5)
- Corner Pillar (13.8,61.9)
- Alpha Asteroid (12.5, 29.9 Modded)
- Large Underwater Cube (30.6, 48.2 Modded)
- Alpha Underwater Cube (35.6, 52.6 Modded)
- Crystal Cave (39.6, 87 Modded)

Crystal Isles

- Dragon Cave (48.2, 75.1 Modded)
- Baboon Tree (40.6, 73.7)
- Ice Cave (33.6, 52.9 Modded)
- Underwater Rat Hole (10.7, 61.6)

- Spider Cave(33, 29.9 Modded)
- Crystal Cave (60.1, 33 Modded)

Gen 2
- Water Cube (44.4, 68.6)
- Space Needle (45.7, 75.4)
- Every Vent

Lost Island
- Jungle Crouch Cave (60.5, 45.7)
- Gloom Cave (65.3, 62)
- Underwater Cave (49.1,23.5)
- Underwater Cave (83.3, 30.9)
- Hildan Cavity Cave (30.8, 30.9)
- Shoola Hollow Cave (27.2, 41.2)
- Redwoods Waterfall Cave (38.1, 54.3 Modded)
- Magmasaur Cave (20.1, 67.2 Modded)
- Highlands Cave (63.5, 73.8 Modded)
- Blue Ob Cave (27, 29.4 Modded)
- Redwoods Alpha Waterfall (47, 38.3 Modded)
- Green Ob Waterfall Cave (59.6, 43.7 Modded)
- Shipwreck Cave (59, 72.1)
- Valley of the Sun Cave (87.1, 84.6 Modded)
- Udal Jungle Cave (41.6, 37.1)
- Pond Cave (41.1, 54.3 Modded)

- Puzzle Cave (71.8, 2.2)
- Swamp Cave (49.4, 14.4)
- Ice Cave (7.8, 23.5)
- Bee Cave (10.2, 84.5)
- Pirate Ship Cave (76.8, 66.7)
- Time Cave (86.2, 98)
- Aberration Cave (86.8, 12.8)
- Underwater Pearl Caves (45.3, 41.5 | 91.7, 41.6 | 51.4, 44.5)
- Castle Cave (32.3, 68.3 modded)
- Sewer Cave  (7.6, 39.1 modded)
- Lava Cave One (90.6, 78.6 Modded)
- Lava Cave Two (45.5, 63.2 modded)
- Autumn Cave (28.7, 39.9 modded)

Redwoods Cave (35.8, 95.5 modded)
- Blacksmith Cave (11.5, 62.6 modded)

- Griffin Cave (13.1, 49.9 Modded)

- Fjordhawk Cave (77.1, 36.6 Modded)
- Castle (24.0, 20.3 Modded)
- Ice Cave One (25.8, 34.3 Modded)
- Green Ob Cave (11.5, 75.2 Modded)
- Ice Cave Two (20.7, 8.6 Modded)

BANNED LOCATIONS (some rat holes not mentioned are also not buildable)

The Island
- Red Obelisk
- Blue Obelisk
- Green Obelisk
- Volcano Tek Cave Terminal
- Swamp Cave (Entrance 62.6, 37.2)

The Center
- Green Obelisk
- Blue Obelisk
- Red Obelisk

Scorched Earth
- Red Obelisk
- Blue Obelisk
- Green Obelisk

- Green Obelisk
- Blue Obelisk
- Red Obelisk
- Spire Underwater Rat Holes (5.8, 59.6 | 7, 61.3)


- Portal Surface Entrance
- Fertile Surface Entrance
- Anywhere in or above the Surface

- Pelegornis Rat Hole (57.4, 52.8)
- Desert Titan Cave (87.3, 70.4)
- Ice Titan Cave (20.2, 61.5)
- Forest Titan Cave (11.7, 30.1)
- No Building Near Terminals unless it's a modified base location (32 Foundation Radius)

- Lava Rat Hole (11, 71.1)
- Radiation Zone Entrance (38, 64.6)
- Aberration Zone Entrances
- Red Obelisk
- Blue Obelisk

- Bog Tree Rathole (74.4, 76.3)
- Diplo Underwater Rathole (29.4, 57.5)
- Mission Lunar Cave (47.5, 28.8)
- Don't Fear the Reaper King Mission Lunar Cave (24.5, 15)

Crystal Isles

- Bee/Honey Cave (Entrances 31.9, 32 | 30.8, 30.5)

- Underwater Loot Cave (Entrance 28.1, 55 | 31.2, 48.7)

- Blue Obelisk (25.6, 56.7)

- Red Obelisk (63.7, 58.6)

- Green Obelisk (51.4, 25.4)

- Silica Pearl Underwater Farm (26.5, 13.1)

Gen 2

- Mission Terminals

- Main Cross Bridges

- Teksuit Rathole (76.7, 6.3)

- Peligornis Rathole (46.3, 57.4)
- ANY MESH HOLES (ask before building if not sure) (53.1, 29.9 | 51.8, 29.8 | 52.3, 67.8 | 17.8, 89.3)

Lost Island

- Blue Obelisk

- Red Obelisk

- Green Obelisk


- Dragon Terminal Cave (Entrance 86.2, 5.2)
- Brood Terminal Cave (Entrance 57.3, 65.8)
- Megapithecus Terminal Cave (Entrance 56.8, 84.8)
- Beyla Terminal Cave (Entrance 4.5, 47.3)
- Hati & Skol Terminal (20.5, 37.1)
- Steinbjorn Terminal Cave (Entrance 77.7, 30.8)
- Green Obelisk (17.7, 80.8)
- Red Obelisk (79.3, 96.3)
- Blue Obelisk (74.6, 7.5)
- Asguard Obelisk (26.5, 27.7)
- Vannaheim Obelisk (14.3, 79.4)
- Jotenheim Obelisk (87.7, 26.4)
- Lightning Wyvern Scar (29.9, 8.2)
- Poison Wyvern Scar (11.7, 64.5)
- Ice Wyvern Scar (64.5, 32.6)
- Fire Wyvern Scar (94.1, 75.4)
- Volcano Element Cave (Entrance 95.8, 80.6)
- Portal Room Cave (Entrance 40.2, 57.8)    
- Poison Wyvern Scar Rat Hole (5.4, 63.8)
- Rock Drake Cave (Entrance 42.1, 49.2)
- Following Mesh/Rat Holes are also banned (11.1, 64.9 | 5.4, 63.5 | 8.8, 65.2)

OTHER MODDED CAVES (Not banned or limited)

- Kuri Cave (23.2, 28.1 Modded)
- The Forbidden Grotto Cave (26.3, 26.9 Modded)
- Horse Shoe (Snow) Cave (51.9, 48.0 Modded)
- Bone Cave (20.4, 29.1 Modded)
- Desert Crack (68.5, 61.3 Modded)

Lost Island
- Mini Desert Cave (90.5, 34.1)
- Tunnel Cave (38.4, 10.5 Modded)


- Sanctuary East Tunnel (53.9, 60.8 Modded) 

- Sanctuary East Drop Down Rat Hole (49.8, 71.9 Modded)

- Underwater Cave (25.4, 50.2 Modded)
- Small Underwater Cube (22.2, 59.7 Modded)
- Large Bog Plat (67.6, 73.9 Modded)