Seasonal PVP Cluster - wipes last 1-2 months based on population
Server daily restart - 6:00AM EST
Wild dino wipes - every 12 hours
Element, Shards, and Tribute Transfers - Enabled
Tribe Tame Limit - 600
Structure Snap Limit - 6000
7 Player Tribes
Optimized PVP Engrams
No structure collision with a few exceptions
Structure and player mesh prevention and logs
Advanced Ark Anti-Cheat
100 Turret Limit and Vanilla Turret Range
Structure pick-up - Enabled via Pick-up Gun
No auto-locked structures - gives players more freedom (and responsibility)
Custom stack sizes - 5000 for most resources, others balanced for PVP and quality of life

BASE RATES (7 players)

XP - 5x
Harvest - 5x
Taming - 15x
Mating Interval - 0.5 (8-24 hour cooldown)
Mating Speed - 10x
Egg Hatch Speed - 25x
Baby Mature Speed - 10x
Hexagon Reward Multiplier - 4x
Crop Growth Speed - 10x
Max Hexagons per Character - 20,000,000

2-3 Player Tribe
XP - 13x, Harvest - 7x, Taming - 20x

1 Player Tribe
XP - 15x, Harvest - 10x, Taming - 20x

*Keep in mind, this setting may not be abused and is balanced with certain plugins. 

Earn points to spend in the ark shop by playing the game, becoming a patreon, donating, voting, and doing achievements and quests.
All players can earn daily points by VOTING for the server using this link: 
*After voting, type /claim in game to receive your points.


Default points gained - 5 points per hour.
Tier 1 Patreon - VIP - Earn 30 points per hour - Green Name Color
Tier 2 Patreon - Premium - Earn 40 points per hour - Light Green Name Color
Tier 3 Patreon - Champion - Earn 90 points per hour - Blue Name Color
Tier 4 Patreon - Royalty - Earn 150 points per hour - Purple Name Color
Tier 5 Patreon - Legend - Earn 160 points per hour - Bright Orange Name Color
Tier 6 Patreon - Eternal - Earn 160 points per hour - Bright Pink Name Color

*Server boosters get 10 points per hour and a special rank as well. Please submit a ticket after boosting the server.

TRIBE SIZE - 7 Players
Keep in mind, smaller tribes do receive higher rates as mentioned above.
Tribe slot cooldown - 8 hours

ORP is a structure that has to be placed in order to activate. It looks like a tek forcefield, and can be found in your engrams named MAGA ORP.
Instant 3x Structure Resistance and 2x Turret Damage Offline Raid Protection upon last member logging off or transferring off the map, no delay or ramping, UNLESS last player logged out on ORP Cooldown. Orp works PER MAP, so if your ORP is active on one map, it is active and your base is safe if you are on another map.
*ORP cooldown lasts 15 minutes after engaging in any PVP activity. Logging out on ORP cooldown delays ORP activation by 1 hours, so be sure to type /orp before logging to make sure you are not on cooldown!
*ORP decays and stops working after 48 hours of inactivity. You must log in at least once every 48 hours to keep your ORP active.

Everyone receives New Player Protection when joining the server for 2 days. (only works if MAGA ORP structure is placed, and only works inside the ORP range)
Players receive RaidProtected tag upon joining the server for27 days. Note that the raid protected tag only shows if you are on the same map as the raid protected tribe.
Players can check their raid protection with the '/pvecheck' command. 
Players can enable PVP mode and turn off their raid protection by typing the '/pvpon confirm' command. Note, this change is permanent, you will not get NPP again after disabling it.
Raid Protection/NPP ONLY WORKS INSIDE THE MAGA ORP Range (80 foundation radius). MAGA ORP structure must be placed for raid protection to work, and will only protect whatever is inside the ORP range. As soon as players/tames/structures are outside of ORP range, they can be damaged and are available for PVP.
Structures, players, and tames are protected as long as inside ORP range, so new players cannot be messed with.


If you have been wiped, feel free to submit a ticket with proof, and the staff MAY give you added raid protection time, to allow you to rebuild. The amount of time given per admin discretion.

Disabled Dinos: Chalk Golem (replaced by Rock Elemental)
Ovis - Disabled breeding, limited to 1 per tribe to avoid chainsaw lag/crashes
Rhino - 2x Damage
Diplo - 2x Resistance
Mek - 2x Damage
Trike - 2x Resistance
Phoenix - 2x Damage 2x Resistance
Ice Wyvern - 25% Damage Buff
Ferox - 2x Damage 2x Resistance
Paraceratherium - 1.5x Resistance
Rock Elemental - 1.5x Damage, 1.5x Resistance
Basilisk - 1.5x Resistance
Bronto - 1.5x Resistance
Megachelon - 1.5x Resistance
Spino - 2x Damage
Velo - 2x Damage
Magmasaur - 2x Damage, 2x Resistance
Reaper - 2x Damage, 1.5x Resistance
All titans (except Titanosaur) - 1.5x Damage, 1.5x Resistance
Titanosaur - 2x Damage, 2x Resistance

Weight - 10x (100 per point)
Melee - 1.5x (7.5 per point)
Fortitude - 1.5x (3 per point)
Water/Food/Stamina Drain - 0.75

Weight - 15x