to Eternal Ark, the best no-wipe unofficial cluster on Ark Survival Evolved. Here are the steps to get you started and situated on EA!

1. Join our discord: https://discord.gg/eternalark
2. Familiarize yourself with all the rules: https://eternalark.gg/Rules/
3. Subscribe to all the mods:  https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2818674190

4. Follow these steps to add our servers to your favorites:
          1. Open steam client
          2. Click "View" on top right

          3. On the drop down, click "Servers"

          4. Click the "Favorites" tab

          5. Click "Add A Server" on the bottom right

          6. Paste the server IPs found below for the map you want to add to your favorites or use the links to connect directly.

The Island - - steam://connect/
The Center - - steam://connect/
Scorched Earth - - steam://connect/
Ragnarok - - steam://connect/
Aberration - - steam://connect/
Extinction - - steam://connect/
Valguero - - steam://connect/
Genesis - - steam://connect/
Crystal Isles - - steam://connect/
Genesis 2 - - steam://connect/
Lost Island - - steam://connect/
Fjordur - - steam://connect/
Event Map - - steam://connect/
5. Immediately after joining a map, please make a tribe. Certain plug-ins require you to have a tribe, so not having a tribe (even solo) will cause problems.

6. After you have joined a map and made a tribe, be sure to connect your account to the discord by typing /verify in any discord channel OR following these steps:

          1. Type /verify in the discord 💻bot-commands channel, click on the /verify command in discord, and follow the step it tells you (copy paste the /verifydiscord cod to in-game global chat).
          2. If you would like the bot to warn you when your structures are being damaged, type /raidwarning <minutes> , you don't need the <> Ex: /raidwarning 15 (will warn me every 15 minutes if my structures take damage), /raidwarning 0 (will turn off the warnings)
7. Link your tribe log to a web hook of your tribe discord so you get your tribe log notifications right to your tribe discord channel:
          IN GAME type /settribeloghook "your discord webhook" and it will connect a CLUSTER-WIDE tribe log to the discord channel of your choosing
8. For a list of server commands and other very useful information, please check out INFORMATION page. If you want to support the server, you can find more info on that in the DISCORD. Thank you for considering supporting the server. 

And you are all set! Welcome and enjoy your experience with Eternal Ark! Good luck and have fun!