Welcome to the new #1 SEASONAL Cluster on ark Launched on June 12, 2022. With active and impartial admins who don't play on the server, a positive community, and many balance and quality of life changes, this will be the best ark experience you've had yet!  


- Experience - 10x

- Mating Interval - 0.5 (8-24hr cd)

- Mating Speed - 10x

- Egg Hatch Speed - 25x

- Baby Mature Speed - 10x

- Taming - 15x

- Harvest - 5x

*Rates INCREASED for solo, two, and three man tribes to balance competing with bigger tribes


- Custom EA+ Mod for Events
- Custom EA+ Mod for Structures
- Structures Plus (S+)
- Bitou2k's Binocular
- Ark Shop UI
- Custom Cave Changes


The cluster offers A TON of quality of life plugins that make your ark experience a lot more fun, allowing you to focus on the exciting aspects of the game, and less so on the boring grindy parts.